Our application process Our application process


Our selection process starts with CV selection and is followed by three rounds of interviews. The process is similar for every level of consultant. The more experienced you are, the more senior your interviewer will be.

The first round 

The first round interviews consist of two back-to-back interviews with our consultants, including an assessment of your work experience and/or academic experience, fit with A.T. Kearney and a small case study. Each interview takes one hour and is led by one of our consultants. 

The second round

Our second interview round is similar to the first round of interviews. These interviews will be led by more senior consultants, managers or principals.

The third round 

The third round interview is a final interview with one of our partners. You will have to crack a final case and your motivation and fit will be tested as well.

After each of these selection rounds, feedback will be given to you by phone within 2 days.


The outcome of the final round will determine if you receive an offer. If we decide to send you an offer, we will also assign you a sponsor. Your sponsor will be your point of contact for as long as the offer is pending.


Apply now and follow the directions for our online application system. Please upload your CV, motivation letter and transcript of grades. If you have formal or informal work experience, for example leading university societies, please be sure to mention this. 

Our recruiting team reviews all candidate applications. If we find that your profile and background match our current needs, we will send you an invitation to attend the first round of interviews.

Contact a member of our recruiting team by sending an email to recruitment.brussels@atkearney.com, if you need more help."